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The main theme for the 2021 Stockholm Criminology Symposium is Gun violence: solid knowledge and countermeasures. The other theme will, as in previous years, be Contemporary criminology.

Main Theme 2021 — Gun violence: Solid Knowledge and Countermeasures

Gun violence constitutes a serious challenge in both rich and poor areas of the world, and results in large numbers of victims every year. This violence causes both death and serious injury, and also produces fear in communities and society at large. However, gun violence takes place in specific contexts and follows certain patterns. A more detailed study of the problem may thus open the way for the development of countermeasures, from legislation
and law enforcement measures to efforts focused on at-risk individuals and high-risk settings.

There is a pressing need to gather and discuss research, policy, and practice relating to gun violence and how it may be combated, which constitutes the aim of this year’s main theme "Gun violence: sound knowledge and countermeasures". The theme will include presentations on a variety of approaches, results, and experiences from all around the world, based on research or other forms of documented experience.

Reflecting the Research Area of the Prize Winners

The Symposium main theme reflects the research area of the laureate of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. This year, the Prize has been awarded to Philip J. Cook and Franklin E. Zimring, for their research in evidence-based explanations of gun policy effects.

Read more about this year’s laureates

Contemporary Criminology – a Recurring Theme

A traditional and necessary element of the Stockholm Criminology Symposium is to provide a large number of panels under the theme “Contemporary Criminology”. The theme will provide an updated overview of the current state of the knowledge, with presentations from all areas of criminology, crime policy and relevant practice.

The 2019 Symposium Program

The main theme of last year's conference was "Research-Guided Drug Policies". Click here for the 2019 symposium program.